Cannabis in the workplace 


While adult cannabis use is not a new issue, employers are concerned about how legalization and subsequent increased use of Marijuana will affect the workplace.

Employers are obligated under the OHSA and its associated regulations to protect the H&S of all employees. 

This presentation deals with the different forms of Cannabis, how it can affect the human body, recognizing employee impairment and how to respond to such impairment.

Policies and procedures are discussed as well as the duty to accommodate for those employees who legally rely on medical Marijuana.

Education and training as well as employer and employee responsibilities are discussed.

ICSS hopes that this course offering will help shed some light on navigating the concerns of cannabis as it relates to safety in the workplace.

Duration: 3 Hour Course


In-class lecture including a competency check that will be marked in class. Our instructor will deliver a comprehensive training program to ensure compliance with all the requirements of the regulations..

Topics Discussed

  • Recognizing Impairment
  • Responding to Impairment
  • Steps for Accommodation
  • Employer / Employee education
  • Policy and Program

Recommended Attendance

All supervisors within the workplace as well as employee's in order to be fully aware of the responsibilities of both the employer and employee's with regards to the new Cannabis Laws. 


Your facility or ICSS facility


A Certificate will be issued at the end of the session and a Record of Training sent to the appropriate administrative personnel.


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