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A reliable indicator for future violence is:
Several recent traffic violations
An increased number of on-the-job injuries
Frequent disagreements with management
A history of violence or abuse
What is the best way to identify potential workplace violence?
Conduct random workplace inspections
Install closed-circuit cameras
Recognize early warning signs
Require periodic psychological evaluations
The key to assessing and preventing potential workplace violence is:
Open communication
Sensitivity training
Stress management training
One purpose of a Violence Prevention Program is to:
Establish a profile for violent individuals
Develop policies and procedures for handling acts of aggression
Identify and eliminate sources of stress
Establish a system to process employee grievances
What should an anti-violence policy include?
A statement that threats must be reported
A listing of all employees on the threat management team
Sources of compensation for victims
Consequences to offenders for their violent acts
Which of the following is an example of a conditional threat?
“If something like that were to get into his coffee, he’d really be sorry.”
“I’ll get even with him.”
“If he keeps bossing me around, he’ll be sorry he ever met me.”
“I’m going to make her pay.”
An obvious indicator of potentially violent behavior is:
Mean spirited attitude
Swearing and abusive language
Threatening statements
Poor job performance
Employees who commit acts of violence in the workplace are typically:
Nearing retirement
Suffering from stress
Recovering from an illness
Performing poorly in their duties
One way to resolve a conflict between two parties is to:
Thoroughly document the conflict
Reassign one or both individuals
Try to compromise on the issue
Confer with senior management
What is the first step in dealing with a perceived threat of violence from a co-worker?
Report the threat including specific details
Convene a threat assessment team meeting
Review the individual’s file for a history of past threats or unusual behavior
Recommend disciplinary action for the individual