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MOL June Report

JUNE MOL REPORT: The Ministry of Labour’s Provincial Co-ordinator reported the following to the
Provincial Labour-Management Committee: There were no fatalities in the construction industry in June
2017.Overall however, year to date fatalities total 7 compared to 5 last year. There were 22 critical injuries
in June 2017, comprised of 10 in single family residential, 1 in road building, 1 in commercial, 2 in
institutional, 4 in multi-residential and 1 in sewer and water main. The majority of the critical injuries
continue to be resultant from falls.
The Provincial Co-ordinator also provided some insights into the Ministry’s Supervisor Awareness and
Accountability blitz at the half way point. The blitz is designed to raise awareness of a supervisor’s
responsibility under the OHSA and to hold them accountable. Supervisors are their employers
representatives on construction projects and their responsibilities include occupational health and safety.
Employers should review and continue to invest in supervisors knowledge, training and experience in
relation to their work

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