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Working at Heights/Refresher & Joint Health and Safety Part 1 and 2 News!

News for working at heights/refresher & Joint Health and Safety part 1 and 2 certificates

Some important changes and information we would like to inform our learners about Working at Heights/Working at Heights Refresher, Joint Health & Safety Part 1 & 2 and Refresher


  • The Ministry of Labour has contracted Bluedrop Learning Networks to develop and maintain an online Certification Management System (CMS) for all mandatory training records. 
  • CMS is powered by software known as SkillsPassTM.
  • The system will allow learners to access their training records online and on their smartphones 24/7.
  • As of March 4th, Learners will be able to set up and claim their accounts by visiting
  • To access and set up an account, learners will need their address, year of birth, email address and phone number
  • Only learners will be able to login and update their profile
  • Learners can give consent online for their employers to view their training record
  • Questions about setting up an account or technical issues can be resolved by contacting Bluedrop at


Please click the link below to see a detailed video on how to use the new system.

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