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Ministry of Labour: Regulatory Updates

Industrial Establishments Regulation Amendments

The amendments to Regulation 851 - Industrial Establishments help modernize workplace health and safety requirements that apply to Ontario industrial establishments, including offices, factories, arenas, and shops.

They will increase flexibility by:

  • allowing the use of alternative procedures if worker health and safety is at least as well protected
  • allowing workers to wear personal flotation devices instead of lifejackets when appropriate
  • allowing the use of antidotes, flushing fluids or washes instead of eyewash fountains or emergency showers, where appropriate, to prevent permanent injury to the eyes or skin

For more information read the amending regulation, O. Reg. 186/19.

The amended regulation comes into effect: July 1, 2019

Occupational Health Regulatory Modernization Amendments

The amendments will streamline and modernize the occupational health regulatory scheme under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This includes Regulation 833 – Control of Exposure to Biological or Chemical Agents and O. Reg. 490/09 – Designated Substances.

They will:

  • replace the 9 separate Medical Surveillance Codes with one single consolidated and updated Medical Surveillance Code (learn more about the new code)
  • replace the 16 separate Codes for Respiratory Equipment and Measuring Airborne Substances with new, updated, and consolidated respiratory protection and measuring provisions
  • permit businesses to use the “Quebec model” for calculating exposures to hazardous substances for irregular work shifts
  • add “substitution,” or substituting hazardous substances with those that are less hazardous, to the hierarchy of controls

For more information, read the amending regulations:

  • O. Reg. 189/19, which amends O. Reg. 490/09 – Designated Substances
  • O. Reg. 185/19, which amends Regulation 833 – Control of Exposure to Biological or Chemical Agents

The amended regulations will come into effect on January 1, 2020.

Updated and Consolidated Medical Surveillance Code

The Code for Medical Surveillance for Designated Substances sets out the Medical Surveillance Program requirements for the following designated substances: asbestos, benzene, coke oven emissions, isocyanates, lead (inorganic and organic), mercury (alkyl and non-alkyl compounds) and silica.

The code applies to employers that are required to provide for medical examinations under subsection 20(4) of O. Reg. 490/09 – Designated Substances. This code provides updated guidance to physicians and other health professionals.

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